Ivy Grid Series #1-11, digital collages from scanned color negatives. Ongoing project since November 2016.  

Pebble/Shore Composition, digitally composited and retouched color film negatives. November 2016.

Ivy Composition 1, digital collage from scanned color film. October 2016.

Untitled Wave Composition, digital composite from scanned black and white negatives. October 2016.

  Untitled Forest Studies, digital compositions of scanned black and white film negatives. Ongoing series since October 2016.

Untitled 4×5 Series, scanned large format black and white film. March-May 2016.

         Untitled Dream Series, images scanned from color medium format film. March-May 2016.

Afternoon Dream, digital photographs. March 2016.

Windows at Night, digital photographs. January-February 2016.

Images from I-5 series, taken off of the I-5 Interstate in California on black and white film. December 2015-February 2016.

Images from Flesh series of objects and composited digital images, crocheted, casted and sewn soft sculptures with found objects composited with black and white film scans. September 2015.

Crocheted head for Flesh series of sculptures and composited images, object documentation. June 2015.

  Untitled, hand-sewn soft sculptures over armature. November-December 2015.

  Selected images from The Flood, gesso on found images, digitally printed on newsprint. May 2014.

From Granny Burlesque series, colorized digital composites. Fall 2014.